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Welcome To The School Travel Health Check Website

**NEW ONLINE DATA PORTAL - The new Online STHC Data Portal for Dorset is now live. We also have a general demonstrator portal of archive data to show what is possible with our portal technology.**

The School Travel Health Check (STHC) Service has been continually developed since 2004 in conjunction with local authorities, school communities and other stakeholders interested in how children travel to school and how far they travel to get there. The suite of STHC resources we provide to clients as a result of analysis of their School Census Mode of Travel data – a mixture of Excel spreadsheets, MapInfo GIS & Google Earth files, interactive, online STHC Instant Atlases and school specific reports & maps – enables them to:-

  • assess and quantify the current school travel situation, from authority-wide down to a local, individual school level.
  • simultaneously engage with all schools in the LEA (whether or not they have a travel plan) in a consistent, meaningful and constructive way.
  • implement a range of initiatives to deliver shift to more sustainable / active modes of travel to school that can be targeted to where they will achieve the best return for the limited available resource.
  • set SMART* targets for those initiatives to deliver in the short, medium and longer term (*Sustainable, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound).
  • monitor progress of these initiatives on the ground over time.
  • build up a robust evidence base to inform future strategy and funding.

The STHC service is delivered by Knowledge Mappers Ltd. on behalf of Travel Health Check Ltd., a small but dedicated consultancy made up of ex-local authority officers with over 60 collective man-years of experience in the fields of spatial analysis, local authority data and delivering sustainable travel solutions. All are committed to delivering lasting change in the field of active & sustainable travel.

Both Knowledge Mappers and Travel Health Check are registered with the UK Information Commissioner and have successfully delivered the STHC process in to nearly 30 local authorities. Since the STHC service began we have processed over 3.3 million pupil records from over 4,700 UK schools (some 22% of the LEA controlled schools in England). This clearly shows our ability to operate within this sensitive data environment whilst at the same time providing an effective, affordable and popular tool for achieving change - the School Travel Health Check. But don't just believe us - do take a look at what others have been saying about STHC in the green testimonial boxes to the right (or see our client testimonials page!)

This website describes the STHC process - the input data we need from client authorities, the spatial analysis process, what exactly they get back as the Standard STHC Analysis Output Suite, - Online Interactive Instant Atlas, Excel Spreadsheets, MapInfo GIS Files and School-Specific Reports & Covering letters - and what they may want to commission as an additional service (such as STHC School Packs and supporting digital files), the benefits these bring, who else has commissioned the STHC already (and what they they have said about it), how much it will cost, and the delivery timescales for them receiving their analysis data. There is also some reassurance about data protection issues. It is also possible to download sample data as well as STHC Guidance documents to explain the process in more detail to managers and colleagues. You can View our STHC Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) bid and download supporting papers from others citing the use of the STHC as best practice. We also devote some space to the whole "removal of pupil mode of travel from national school census" issue, including our report on how it was unilaterally removed from the technical specs with uncharacteristic swiftness by DfE and the stunned reaction from the rest of the school travel community.