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STHC Process - Additional STHC Analysis Output

We encourage client authorities to put the STHC analysis results back into all their schools (whether or not they have a formal school travel plan). After all this is where the source data comes from in the first place, and this is where we are trying to effect change on the ground. Even in this technological age we have found that this is best done as a mix of paper and digital resources that can be used as both management and teaching tools. At the very least these resources will enable an informed debate around the issues of sustainable travel within the school community based on quantitative analysis rather than speculative presumption.

Assuming they have the necessary technical skills and capacity, client authorities can produce their own, school-specific resources from the standard STHC analysis output suite, however the “in-house” option should not be undertaken lightly. The resource commitment in terms of tying up staff and large format printers for the amount of time required to produce packs for all the authority schools can generate internal conflict! Alternatively clients can take advantage of our STHC School Pack Service:-

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