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Additional STHC Analysis Output - Supporting School-Specific Digital Files

Each of the paper components of the STHC School Pack has a digital equivelant that is supplied to LEA client officers as part of thie STHC Final Data Pack. As stated already the LEA-level and school-level data outputs are publicly available on the STHC website, where they are visible / downloadable without any user log-in. However due to data protection issues around pupil locations, digital files containing any pupil-level data are only available to schools, and then only by direct request to the LEA client nominated contact officer (details of which are in your STHC Pack).

Supporting STHC digital files are as follows:-

Note: We are continually striving to improve the STHC for the benefit of all and would like any feedback from schools (positive or negative) on the STHC output and how they use it. For example would they prefer that all the supporting digital files were delivered online via the STHC website, even if it meant that users had to log in via a secure password? Please let us know....

Online Interactive STHC Instant Atlas

The school-level STHC Instant Atlas publicly available on the STHC website reports all the key analysis results for all schools in the LEA for all the years we have data for. Thus all the data in the Key Results Table from the School Pack are shown in the Instant Atlas.

Dowloadable STHC School Report & Covering Letter File

The STHC School Report & Covering Letter can be viewed / downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file by clicking on the report icon beside the school name in the data table on the right hand side of the Instant Atlas screen. The file should open within your browser window and can be saved to your computers hard disk.

Requestable Static Pupil Travel Map Image Files

Medium resolution screenshots (in .jpg format as shown below) of the paper Pupil Travel Maps produced by using MapInfo. These provide client officers with a visual record of the paper maps that have been supplied to their schools as well as schools with a digital, cartographic map that can be projected in the classroom as well as pasted in their School Travel Plan document. As stated above, due to data protection issues schools are asked to apply to the named contact for digital copies of these.

Requestable Interactive Google Earth Map Files

New for 2011 is the provision of the Pupil Travel Map data for each school as a .kml file that can be viewed interactively in the freely available Google Earth, 3-D mapping application. There is an "All LEA Schools" kml file which shows all the schools in the LEA and their walk thresholds, with the school-level results appearing in the ballon when users click on the icon. As per the MapInfo GIS output there is also a pupil-level file for each school, showing the school and its walk threshold, as well as all the pupils attending the school as coloured mode of travel icons and a line of travel to the school. The pupil-level results appear in the ballon when users click on the icon. Again due to data protection issues schools are asked to apply to the named contact for the digital files.