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Standard STHC Analysis Output - STHC Instant Atlas

As part of the continuous development of the School Travel Health Check we have added InstantAtlas to our Standard STHC Output. This enables viewing of school and LEA level STHC analysis results as an interactive, digital statistical atlas online, in a log-on, password and plug-in free environment.

Please select one of the authorities from the drop down list on the left to view their Schools-level STHC Atlas (the atlas opens in a new tab or window depending on the browser). You can also view the schools latest STHC Report by clicking on the notes icon beside the school name in the Data table on the right hand side.

Equally do take a look at the 'All Authorities' summary atlas which contains all the LEA-level results for all authorities that have so far commissioned the STHC.

NOTE: As we do not have data for all 30 STHC authorities for all years you may need to switch between years to see data for the authority you are interested in.

We are seeking feedback. Have a play, share it with any friends and colleagues whom you think would be interested and please contact us to give us your feedback.

Tips on using Instant Atlas

  • The best way to get on with Instant Atlas is to dive in and have a go with the various drop downs and filters. Click here to see an official tutorial video on YouTube on finding your way around the Instant Atlas template we use for the STHC. Also if you click the help button in the atlas itself it will provide more information on the different features shown on the page.
  • You can open as many instances of the Instant Atlas report as your screen (and brain!) will allow. This means that you could have different views of the data visible side by side e.g. the short term STHC indicator of the number of pupils within walk threshold coming by car and the census figures for walking or cycling.
Implications on use of Instant atlas reports as part of the STHC
  • As it is now part of the Standard Output, the Instant Atlas files are supplied to the clients in their Final Data Pack. Whilst we will continue to host clients Atlases on our website in-perpetuity at no additional cost as one of the continuing benefits of being part of the "STHC Club", clients are also free to make them available on their own intra/internet sites (as we said there are no plug-ins required to view them in any standard web browser). However due to the licensing structure of the IA software these should not be used as part of a subscription service (ie. users should not have to pay in order to access them).
  • We know from years of experience that in schools there is no substitute for big paper maps so Instant Atlas reports should not replace the paper STHC School packs. They are however a very exciting digital resource specifically designed for the purpose of displaying map-based statistical data like the STHC analysis resulta in an interactive, easy to use, and easily accessible way. Indeed their ease of access online will ensure that an informed debate around the issues of travelling to school based on quantitative analysis of the real world data can continue throughout the school year and beyond.