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Cost Of The School Travel Health Check

"This work is a rarity, a product from a small consultancy that is motivated by a desire to achieve change and not just to make money. The output is excellent and does help to achieve change. Better still it comes at a very modest price that we cannot match in-house"
Kevin Speakman - School Travel Plans and SMOTS North Somerset

North Somerset first commissioned the STHC analysis for their 2007-08 school census as well as our STHC Paper Packs for all their schools. They have continued taking the full output every year since.

At an average cost of just 16p per pupil for data analysis and STHC paper packs for every school, the STHC Service represents outstanding value for client authorities in their efforts to achieve modeshift to more active and sustainable travel. Furthermore our aim is continually improve our service by encouraging feedback from client authorities and incorporating their suggestions into subsequent output wherever possible. Once they join our growing "STHC Club" authorities will be assured of automatically benefiting from these future improvements at no additional cost.

The price of the STHC Service for a single census years data processing is set by our transparent pricing formula - £1,500 per LEA + £12 per school + £0.01 per pupil (exc. VAT) - so client authorities will always know in advance how much our service is going to cost. Our STHC School Pack service costs an additional £26-28 per school depending on delivery options (either by clients themselves via their own internal post or directly by us), whilst consultancy services are charged at £500 per day (or part thereof).

EXAMPLE – A large authority with 68,272 pupils attending 270 schools (a mixture of Infant, First, Junior, Primary, Middle, Secondary, Upper and Special) will pay the following for the standard STHC Service and STHC School Packs for all LEA schools :-
LEA Standard charge = 1 x £1,500 = £1,500.00
Schools Component = 270 x £12 = £3,240.00
Pupil Component = 68,272 x £0.01 = £ 682.72
Total Standard STHC = £5,422.72
STHC School Packs = 270 x £28 = £7,560.00
TOTAL COST (exc. VAT) = £12,982.72

Commissioning the STHC Service is via a simple authority purchase order. We are happy to provide written quotations in advance if clients provide us with the necessary information on the number of schools and pupils in their census data.

We have a flexible invoicing policy so client authorities can use currently available budgets to procure the STHC service for one or more years in advance.

We would encourage clients to seek out potential funding partners from other groups in related service areas with similar or complementary objectives. These could be from other service areas within the local authority or from other local agencies - for example many authorities are writing the STHC process and packs into their Local Transport Plan (LTP3) to secure funding going forward.