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Additional STHC Analysis Output - School-Specific STHC Paper Packs

Our standard STHC School Packs consist of the components listed below. We print, fold and collate each one into an unsealed envelope for each LEA school. These are then boxed in numerical order by DfE Establishment Number and delivered to clients by overnight courier. Clients can then check the contents, perhaps even augmenting them with their own additional content, before sending out to schools via their own internal postal system. Alternatively we can post the packs direct to schools for an additional charge to cover postage).

STHC Paper School Packs comprise the following components:-

Note: Digital versions of the STHC School Pack components are available.

STHC Report & Covering Letter

As per the standard output suite, the report & covering letter are printed double-sided on recycled paper in full colour.

Note: The report and covering letter can also be viewed / downloaded online as a digital pdf file by clicking on the report icon beside the school name in the data table on the right hand side of the relevant LEAs Schools Instant Atlas.

Pupil Travel Maps

2 maps printed @ A1 - one on an aerial photo and one on an Ordnance Survey basemap - clearly showing how all pupils travel and from where. The main map window is centred on the school at a street-level scale, with pupils depicted by easy to understand, mode-of-travel icons with the walk threshold radius (800m for primary schools, 200m for secondary) clearly labelled surrounding the school icon, again labelled with the school name. There is an inset map in the legend bar showing the lines of travel for all pupils that attend the school, as well as the schools and associated walk thresholds they are passing by en-route.

Note: Digital screenshots of the paper maps are available as .jpg files from the LEA STHC contact on request. In addition Google Earth (.kml) files are also avaiable. Unfortunately for data protection reasons they cannot be made generally available via publicly accessible websites such as thia one.

Key Analaysis Results Table

Part of the standard Excel output, this presents the key analysis results at all the standard reporting geographic levels in a user-friendly and easily understood way that enables schools to see how they compare with other schools in the LEA and the average for their school type or the LEA as a whole. We print it at A1 width (the length depends on the number of schools in the LEA), with the row for the particular school highlighted in bold.

Note: If you wish a digital version of the Key Results table you currently need to apply to the LEA contact and they will send you the excel file.