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STHC Process - Standard STHC Analysis Output Suite

**(OCTOBER 2014) NEW "NEXT GENERATION" ONLINE STHC DATA PORTAL - All the STHC output data tables, charts and maps previously spread between different file types - Excel spreadsheets, MapInfo GIS, Instant Atlas, Google Earth etc. - are now delivered through a single, interactive web portal, which is viewable in any HTML5 compatible browser (including mobile devices). Our general demonstrator portal, containing archive Dorset data, shows what is possible with our portal technology. The live STHC Data Portal for Dorset is also up and running. **

The sections below discuss the previous standard suite of STHC output. All but the MapInfo GIS output are now incorporated into the Online STHC Data Portal. All the previous school-specific digital output is still available on request to us, though in future we hope to incorporate delivery of these into the portal. Paper based STHC School Packs containing large format maps are also still available.

  • Online Instant AtlasInteractive, online statistical atlases (called “Instant Atlases”) showing all analysis results at school level and above for all STHC LEAs (and all analysis years). Instant Atlases are standard html files that utilise Adobe Flash technology (along with 99% of te rest of the world wide web!) and so can be viewed with any standard web browser without the need for additional plug-ins etc. These are made publicly available on the STHC website at (ie. they are visible without any user login etc.) and so can be accessed by all officers and schools in the client authority as well as anybody else that they care to direct to it. They can also be viewed over the authority intra-net, or as stand-alone files on any computer.
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets - Charts, graphs and tables giving analysis results in a user friendly format …
  • MapInfo GIS files - Points, lines and polygons in industry standard format for visualisation & further spatial analysis by GIS enabled clients ...
  • School Travel Health Check Report & Covering Letter - School-specific report in Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files for every school in the LEA. A standard template that is adapted by the client (authority branding etc.), it contains mode-of-travel analysis results for both the current and previous year (if available), as well as suggestions to inform debate around sustainable travel within the school community. It includes figures for an overall, per-child travel CO2 emission calculated with respect to the authority average as well as the number of pupils within a reasonable walk threshold coming by car - both RAG rated as short term and long term indicators of travel sustainability respectively ...

Note each of the different types of STHC analysis output files are described in more detail in their own STHC Guides, are now available to download.

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