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STHC Downloads - STHC School Resources

Here are some suggestions as to how the existing STHC resources be used by schools:-

  • School Travel Plan - Use it to help your school identify aims and objectives for your plan and use the figures to set SMART* targets to help you deliver them in the short, medium and longer term. (*Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound)
  • Healthy / Active Schools - Use it to make the vital link between health and every day activity within your school community.
  • Sustainable Schools / Eco-Schools - A zero carbon emissions building is no use if everyone drives to it! Make sure your schools carbon budget includes travel.

Below you can find other STHC resources developed by client authorities they are willing to share with others containing practical advice on how the above can be put into practise. Please feel to adapt and use them in your school / authority (but please acknowledge the original author when you do). Please also contact us if you have any school travel resources that you would like to share with others.:-

Bristol City Council - School Travel Outcomes Ideas Booklet (.pdf, 3.5 MB)

Click on the link above or the image opposite to download the booklet as a pdf file from our website, or click here to get it from the Bristol City Council website

Thanks to Jodi Savikas and Bristol schools for developing this resource pack which, as the name suggests, contains information and resources supporting Active and Sustainable School Travel in schools. The School travel planning and outcomes page on the Bristol website also contains additional resources such as a request form for schools to fill in to obtain digital copies of their STHC resources, and is a good general template for others to follow.

Dorset County Council - Using The School Travel Health Check To Update Your School Travel Plan (STP) (v1.0, published June 2011) (.doc, 0.1 MB)

Click on the link above or the image opposite to download the document as a Word file (v1.0, June 2011).

One of the conditions on the School travel Plan grant funding was that schools would monitor and review their plans on an annual basis. This short guide shows how to combine the STHC when updating your School Travel Plan. Thanks to Andrew in Dorset for sharing this guide with us.

Department for Education - Climate Change And Schools: A carbon management strategy for the school sector (v1.0, August 2010) (.pdf, 2.4 MB)

Click on the image to download the strategy document as a pdf file from our website. or click here to get it from the DfE website.

DfE strategy document that aims to provide a roadmap by which those working and studying within the school sector can begin to radically reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from schools and school related activity. It builds on the 2009 carbon reduction options consultation and sets out proposals for what schools, local authorities and government can do to reduce school CO2 emissions through energy use, school travel & transport and procurement of goods and services. It has been written for a wide audience, and will be of particular interest to:-

  • head teachers, bursars and school business managers, sustainable schools leads
  • local authority school finance officers, energy managers, asset managers, travel advisers, procurement experts and sustainability / climate change leads
  • third and private sector organisations providing services to schools who can reduce schools energy consumption, promote sustainable travel options and encourage low carbon procurement by and on behalf of schools