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STHC Process - Delivery Requirements, Mechanisms & Timescales

The processing time to produce standard digital analysis output is 2-3 working weeks, but this is dependant on all the client authority(ies) participating in the processing round supplying to Knowledge Mappers:-

  • all "input data" to the required technical standard as instructed
  • a valid Purchase Order
  • a standard Mapping Services Agreement Contractors license for us to sign to enable us to work with your Ordnance Survey data (1st year of processing only)
  • completed STHC Report and Covering Letter Template files as instructed
  • authority logo and other graphic files as well as any specific instructions on their use

The delivery time for non-standard output and for School Packs will be agreed separately with clients e.g. school packs are often sent out around “Walk To School Week / Month”.

Where several authorities are in acting in conjunction the delivery time may well be longer. As analysis is carried out on a regional basis we can only begin processing once we have all the required input data from all the authorities that agreed to participate in the “round”. There may well be more than one round of processing for a region if other authorities subsequently wish to commission the STHC Service, in which case existing authorities will be re-issued with updated pan-regional level analysis data when it becomes available.

Output data is initially supplied to client officers via our secure, online file transfer service provided by This is followed up by a final data pack containing selected printouts of the analysis output as well as all their data on a USB memory stick once the regional “processing round” has been completed. Note client officers need to be aware of the timing of the school census collection cycle within their authority. Mode of Travel data is collected from schools by the LEA in January of the school year. However it first has to be “cleansed and compiled” by LEA Information officers before it is released for analysis, which means it is not normally available to us until at least late February / March.

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