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STHC Process - Summary

Taking clients school census mode of travel data and using standard spatial analysis tools, we work out where pupils have come from, how far they have travelled and by what means to get to the school they actually attend, as well as the nearest school they could attend, to give a quantified snapshot of the current school travel situation in the client authority down to individual school level. We then ”slice and dice” the results in all sorts of clever ways to make them as useful as possible to as many different stakeholders as possible, and send it to clients as a Standard STHC Analysis Output Suite, which is also available online via the STHC website at These resources enable clients to simultaneously engage with all schools in the LEA (whether or not they have a travel plan) in a consistent, meaningful and constructive way, specifically target those schools where their limited school travel initiative resources are most likely to deliver change and set SMART targets for those initiatives to deliver to in the short, medium and long term. Repeated analysis will allow them to monitor progress of these initiatives on the ground over time, as well as build up a robust evidence base to inform partnership working, future strategy and funding.

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